Work with Misa Gjone

A short introduction

Misa’s Travel Blog is a bilingual travel blog focusing on travelling in Europe and Asia (travel guides, travel on a budget, reviews, tips…), and other travel-related subjects. With a readership of over 65.000+ page views monthly, Misa’s Travel Blog is one of the leading travel blogs in Vietnam featuring European destinations.

Quyên “Misa” Gjone, the founder, used to work as a Travel & Lifestyle Web Editor at Sunflower Media Co. back in Vietnam. Now I’m living with my family in Eidsvoll Verk, a village near Oslo, Norway. I’m a proud full-time mother of two trolls, a freelancer, a part-time travel blogger, and a book author.

Besides writing skill, I also have experience in PR and content marketing, including SEO and e-mail marketing. Those skill sets have helped Misa’s Travel Blog reach its right audience and therefore be able to create appropriate content that interacting well with readers.

My website & social stats

After being re-branded and relaunched in 2016, over the years, I’ve built a loyal following of people who follow my brand and trust my recommendations. My website is read in over 60 countries, mostly from Vietnam and other European countries, and is growing every year. More than 70% of the readers are female, while 48% of them are between 25-34 years old.

65.000+ monthly page views
5.000+ SoMe followers
1.200+ email subscribers
4.400+ travel guide downloads

What I can offer

Travel Writer: I have more than five years of experience working as a freelance travel, food, and lifestyle writer. Have a look at my portfolio.

Product Reviews: Present your product to a fresh set of eyes as I create engaging yet honest reviews of your travel gear, website, or services.

Content Marketing: Make your content stand out by hiring an experienced storyteller to create high-quality content to get your brand’s message across.

Press Trip / Fam Trip / Destination Campaigns: Partner with me to promote up-and-coming destinations as I increase awareness through my digital storytelling know-how. I can promote you across the Misa’s Travel Blog website, email list,  news & magazine articles (both print and online), and social media followers.

You can download my latest one-page Media Kit (as of June 2018) HERE.

Contact me

If you’re interested in my work and would like to partner with me, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Please take note that due to my full-time job as a mother, I am prioritizing paid advertisement and collaborations. Other e-mails will be replied typically within 48 hours.