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Travel blogging

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Hello and welcome to this category, Travel Blogging by Misa Gjone!

If you’re looking for advices / motivation / tips for quitting your job and travelling the world, then sorry but this site is not for you. Although I’m a full-time travel blogger now, I don’t just quit my job and travel the world. I quitted my 9-to-5 Marketing job in August 2018 after giving birth to our 2nd son, so you can image it’s not that easy travelling around with two small kids.

Several months after the birth, I figured out that I’d love to stay at home and take care of my kids rather than commuting to work and do the job that I’m not really into. My husband has a stable job with a decent salary, which means that if we four live on a shoestring, we can make it until I can find another job, or until I can make my blog my main source of income, enough to cover the yes-you-know expensive living cost in Norway.

As of now (May 2019), this blog is my source of extra money (think: €500 – €1.000/month). So if you’re into travelling, blogging, and want to make some money out of it besides your monthly income, then enjoy reading!

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