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So last year I’ve created a blog post about what you liked most from my blog in 2016. This year I’d like to make it a little bit different.

I now introduce you… badum tish…

The top 5 least read blog posts of 2017!

You can sure read this article in Vietnamese here if you happen to speak the language. Actually the content is quite different!

5. A mini guide to Stockholm

Back to April 2017, it was the time I decide to not use tags in my blog posts! Ja, I know, I know. It was so frustrated for me to delete all the tags, and then had to created them again, one by one.

Deleting all the tags from the blog posts was the worst decision I’ve aver made here. It effected the way people may search you through WordPress’ My Reader and of course other search engines. And the result is this article on nr. 5.

4. How to spend money in Paris

I wrote it, deleted it, rewrote it, but tried nothing to promote this article at all!

Back to 2015, it was the first time I travelled to Paris with my boyfriend husband, and I didn’t mean to grow my travel blog at all. So I didn’t take any notes or anything so that I can use them as a source of information later. Regret.

3. Summer in Norway with berries and chanterelles

Also a victim of my tags deleting process. But I love this article a lot, dude! Just click on the title, read the whole thing, and hopefully you’ll agree with me!

2. Travel with kids 101

You guys will have no idea how long and how hard it took me to finally write this article. After two miscarriages and complication during my pregnancy, we finally welcomed the new member of our little family in May 2017. She was a gift from God, a response for what we kept praying for.

In September 2017, we three travelled together for the first time ever to Gothenburg, Sweden, to attend the wedding of my dear roommate. This article was written after this trip, and it went viral with the Vietnamese version. I even got asked for an interview with a local online magazine regarding this subject.

1. A soft touch of autumn in Norway

I personally think this article was the loser of all time. Seriously! Why? Because it was… nothing. Not even that “autumn-ly” feelings.

It was just a very day I charged my camera’s batteries, and then decided to take some random pictures of leaves and fungi and snails and branches in my garden. That’s it!

So there’s no surprise that this blog post scores the least read articles in both English and Vietnamese version!

Anyway, later this month I’ll reveal another list: The top 5 most read blog posts of 2017!

I don’t know but maybe some of these articles can make it way to the top? Well, 30 days to go!




The author: Misa Gjone

Hi there! I'm a freelance travel writer born and raised in Vietnam, got married to a Viking from Norway, and currently live in the countryside outside Oslo. I'm the founder and chief chronicler of Misa's Travel Blog.

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