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Đọc bài viết bằng tiếng Việt tại đây.

It was earlier this year, and we took the DFDS ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen. We then had 1 night on board, and almost 6 hours to spend in the city before boarding back to Norway (and had 1 more night on board).

To be honest, we were not in the mood for travelling at all at that time. It was still pretty cold in Copenhagen, and the sky was grey all day long. We didn’t expect it to be that cold, especially my husband for he only had his autumn jacket, no gloves nor scarf. I dressed better, but ended up with wrong shoes, which made my walking through the cobbled streets in Copenhagen a kind of torture by the end of the day.

We didn’t really take all the 6 hours because most of the time we actually either were indoor to stay warm or sat somewhere to ease my poor aching feet. The only highlights of that trip were Nyhavn and the Rundetårn (Round Tower).

However I tried to take some photos of Copenhagen, and they turned out to be… perfect to post on my blog now, as it looks like October while it was actually February!

Hope you enjoy my works!


The iconic Nyhavn (lit. New Harbour). You must find it very familiar if you’ve watched “The Danish Girl”.


If you have time (and are not afraid of Copenhagen’s cold wind), take a canal boat tour.


A very popular scene you can see in almost all other Nordic cities: colourful brick or wooden houses whose ground floors are chic vintage or designed shops, and yes, bicycles everywhere!


Too cold to sit outside? Don’t worry, they have enough blankets for you!


Go round inside The Round Tower (Rundetårn). You can find more information about Rundetårn here.


View from the top of Rundetårn. From here, you can even see the famous Öresund bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark.

I really hope that we can visit Copenhagen this Christmas, when the whole city will look like a winter fairy tale town. Until then, I’ll just keep calm and enjoy my 3rd golden Scandinavian autumn.

Of course not without a cup of my favourite Vietnamese coffee and some cozy wool stuffs to roll myself into 😉








The author: Misa Gjone

Hi there! I'm Quyen “Misa” Gjone, a freelance travel writer born and raised in Vietnam, got married to a Viking from Norway, and currently live in the countryside outside Oslo. I'm the founder and chief chronicler of Misa's Travel Blog.


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