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Đọc bài viết bằng tiếng Việt tại đây.

Disclaimer: This article has been published in Tiep Thi & Gia Dinh Magazine on 08/08/2016 as “Flåm – Myrdal, European’s most beautiful railway journey” (Vietnamese only).

My hubby and I came to visit my in-laws in Bergen during 17 May aka. the Norwegian Constitution Day. It was my 2nd time visiting the 2nd biggest city of Norway, yet the 1st time ever I’ve experienced such a beautiful, breathtaking railway on Earth: the Flåm Railway, part of the famous “Norway in a Nutshell”® trip.

Although I’m far away to be a travel photographer or any kind of photographer, I’d love to share my latest photos of this train journey, from Flåm (2 metres / 6 ft above mean sea level) to Myrdal, which is 867 metres (2,844 ft) above mean sea level.


  • 20 km-long train ride
  • 20 years of construction to complete the line
  • 20 tunnels, 18 of which were built by hands
  • The 3rd most-visited tourist attraction in Norway

My father-in-law drove us from home to Flåm, which was ca. 3 hours driving, then we had a picnic close to the fjord, then we bought tickets for this train journey. It takes up to 1 hour to reach the main station from either way.

Flåm Railway ticket cost 220 NOK/one way (≈ 23,5 €). No student nor senior discount.

And here we go!

20160715_Flam Myrdal_09

The old Flåmsbana Locomotive, now as a part of the (free entrance) Flåm Railway Museum.

Inside the Flåm Railway’s wagon. Not as crowded as I thought (good!). Photo © Misa Gjone

Inside the Flåm Railway’s wagon. Not as crowded as I thought!

The village of Lunden seen from Flåmsbaba. Photo © Misa Gjone

The village of Lunden seen from Flåmsbaba.

Kjossfosen and Huldra. Photo © Misa Gjone

The train will stop at Kjossfossen for about 5 minutes. During this short break, you’ll have a chance to meet Huldra – a myth creature in Scandinavian folklore. She wears a red dress and uses her beautiful singing voice to seduce charcoal burners, hunters, or those who are alone in the forest.

Still snow close to Myrdal Stasjon, although it was already in the middle of May. Photo © Misa Gjone

Close to Myrdal Stasjon there was still snow, although it was already in the middle of May.

And finally, here we are, (almost) top of the world! The Myrdal Stastion, 867 MASL. Photo © Misa Gjone

And finally, here we are, (almost) top of the world! The Myrdal Stastion, 867 MASL.

From this station, tourists can either take the train to Oslo or Bergen as a part of the scenic trip “Norway in a Nutshell”®. However, we only spent some minutes there stretching our legs, breathing the crisp cold winter air before boarding back to Flåm.

The Flåm Railway journey itself can also be claimed as a mini “Norway in a Nutshell”® for you can see most of this country, including fjords, mountains, ski resorts, hytte (what is hytte? – wait for my article about it, published ASAP), valleys, and even spring and winter within 1 hour!

So far this is the most stunning train journey I’ve ever taken. Although the price maybe quite high (hello, it’s Norway!) but it’s worth every penny!







The author: Misa Gjone

Hi there! I'm Quyen “Misa” Gjone, a freelance travel writer born and raised in Vietnam, got married to a Viking from Norway, and currently live in the countryside outside Oslo. I'm the founder and chief chronicler of Misa's Travel Blog.


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