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Thank you for visiting Misa’s Travel Blog – a personal page about travelling in Europe, written by a Vietnamese expat living near Oslo, Norway.

I created this page on the 22nd of May, 2016, as an online travel journal. Since early 2019, Misa’s Travel Blog was rebranded and became Misa’s Europe Travel Blog, focusing on travelling in Europe hassle-free. The blog’s target audience is the Vietnamese people. (So if you happen to master the language, feel free to switch to the other version.)

As of June 2019, this blog has about 70.000 page views monthly and has become one of the most trusted Europe travel resources written in Vietnamese used by the community worldwide.

Recent posts

Free thing to do in Norway during winter: Have a walk!

We’re talking about Norway, one of the most expensive countries to live in and travel to. But you know, here in Norway, people have the right to go everywhere they want, thank to “allemannsretten”. So why not have a walk in nature in the winter wonderland?

Food bucket list Amsterdam: 15 Dutch foods to try

I love bucket list. Everybody loves bucket list. And here it is: A food bucket list of 15 Dutch foods to try in Amsterdam. I’m heading to BeNeLux for 1 week next month, thus would like to share my first food bucket list here – with my comments and related posts added later.

My new writing project, “The twelve months of Europe”

Sooooo, I finally took the initiative to start fundraising for my new writing project in 2019, the “The twelve months of Europe” project, via Fund My Travel and Go Fund Me, the two largest and most popular crowdfunding platforms at the moment.

Become a travel blogger

Do you like travelling, taking photos, and writing and sharing your stories? Do you want to make travel blogging your perfect side hustle? Then welcome to “Travel Blogging” – a place where I share my own experience, lessons, advice and everything about how to make your blog profitable.

The twelve months of Europe

My new travelling and writing project, “The twelve months of Europe”

So, I finally took the initiative to start fundraising for my new writing project in 2019, the “The twelve months of Europe” project, featuring my 5-day-trip each month (starting in Jan. 2019, hopefully) to a European city/country to write travel journals and experience their typical food, by for example taking food tours, cooking classes, or just simply visiting farmers’ markets to embrace the local industry.

How I make money travel blogging (the easiest ways)

So you have a travel blog, and think you can make money travel blogging, both full-time (like I used to be) and part-time (like I’m now)? The bad news is that making money is never easy, in any sense. The good news is I’ve learn some easy ways to actually make money travel blogging!