I’m Quyên “Misa” Gjone (30), a freelance travel writer born and raised in Vietnam, studied MSc. in Communication in Sweden, and currently live in Norway.

I write about travelling, food, and lifestyle with my strong passion for culture, intercultural communication, languages, history, and culinary. In this site, you will find my stories about countries I have been to, and also the colourful world out of my comfort zone.

My life & travel milestones

January 2009 marked the first time I travelled abroad to Cambodia via a tour agency. After that, I’ve been travelling quite a lot, mainly thanks to my scholarships to Germany (May 2011), Italy (July – September 2011), and Sweden (since August 2014).

In December 2012, my best friend and I travelled to China. We came to visit her university’s best friend studied in Hangzhou. From Hangzhou, we travelled to Shanghai where I celebrated my very first New Year’s Eve away from home.

In August 2013, we travelled to China one more time to explore the Sichuan Province. When we came back home, I realised I must have been bitten by the travel bug ever since. It was this trip that has (partly) changed my life.

In August 2014, I moved to live and study (and also travel) in Gothenburg, the 2nd largest city in Sweden.

Early March 2015, I met a Norwegian guy – my cousin’s coworker. Less than a year, we married and moved to live together in Eidsvoll Verk, a small commune north of Oslo, Norway. I’ve thus decided to take a pause from school to focus on family and to figure out what I really want to do with my studies and my career life afterwards.

I now work as a travel blogger, freelance travel writer, and content marketing expert for both print and online magazines in Vietnam. The rest of the time I spend for another job, full-time mother of two under two.

My travel philosophy

Travel far enough, you meet yourself.

David Mitchell

This is so far my favourite travel quote. And if you ask, yes, I’ve met my several “selves” through my travelling here and there.

I met myself falling in love with Italy after 3 months studying in Perugia. Even now when I’ve been living in Northern Europe for almost three years, I can meet myself sometimes dreaming to come back to Italy, to walk through the small cobbled streets in Perugia, to have a chance to eat a fresh porchetta and sip a cold beer while sitting in the main square watching people, to take a bus ride to Lago Trasimeno in late August when the whole town turns to a flea market with the smell of porcini.

When I was on top of Emeishan in China, I met myself longing for the life of a young nomad, selling all my stuff and quit my jobs, just to chase the endless flights taking me to new horizons. That self of mine wanted to live freely and wildly for one time in my life so bad, the life when I look back, I’d never had to say I’m sorry.

And now when I’m 9,177km (5,703 miles) away from home, I once met myself crying my eyes out in Český Krumlov, realising that family is not the most important thing in my life. It’s just everything I have in this life.

I know I haven’t travelled that far enough, but I travel, therefore I am.


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