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My husband and I finally visited Stockholm (Sweden) for three days in early August! The trip was actually less than three days, but with such little time, we still managed to discover Stockholm in our own way.

Here is the plan for how we spent our three days in Stockholm, in case you want to refer. Feel free to steal it also 🙂


We arrived at Arlanda International Airport at around 9 am. To get to the city center, there are several options:

Arlanda Express, which takes you only 20 minutes and costs from 300 SEK (≈32 €) for two (book in advance, not re-bookable)

Train by SJ – the biggest train operator in Sweden. It costs from 128 SEK/person (≈13.5 €) from Arlanda C to Stockholm C

Flygbussarna Airport Coach, 40 minutes from the airport to Stockholm Central Station, costs from 99 SEK/person (≈10 €) if you book online.

We didn’t have to rush, so we opted the 3rd one and tried to sleep a little bit on the way. At around 10 am, we reached our hotel just less than 10 minutes since we arrived at the station, got the room ready, had a cup of hot coffee and… slept until 11 am.

After the recharge nap, we headed to the Opera to have a Hon On – Hop Off bus buy this operator. It cost 300 SEK (≈32 €) per person, ticket valid 24 hours. The bus had several seats from the Opera, but later from Djurgården onward it was quite crowded. People wanted to be at the harbour on time for the next cruise to Helsinki. Or they just jumped onto the bus because they had been waiting for it for almost half an hour.

If you want to enjoy the bus itself, I suggest you to sit on the bus for the whole routine and just get out at the final stop – Gamla Stan. From here, if it’s a Tuesday, enjoy the Nobel Prize Museum for free, from 5 pm – 8 pm. We spent maybe 1 hour in the museum, but it was simply not our cup of tea. However it was really cool to try some science experiments there!

We spent the rest of the day strolling around Gamla Stan, taking pictures, window shopping, and had a fika at Chokladkoppen.

The two most photographed houses in Stockholm (and probably in Sweden also).
Chodkladkoppen is the yellow one.

For dinner, we dropped by COOP and bought 1/2 roasted chicken, salad, juice, 2 garlic baguettes and grapes for only 100 SEK (≈10 €). How lucky we were to stay in that hotel, just less than 5 minutes to Lidl, COOP and even ICA! (These are Sweden’s most popular groceries with good food and reasonable prices.)


Our plan: Visit the Vasa Museum, ABBA Museum (next door), Skansen Open Air Museum (maybe), and Tekniska Museet (free entrance on Wednesday, from 5 pm – 8 pm).

The reality: We spent almost 5 hours in the Vasa Museum, yet we still haven’t discovered it thoroughly!

We were there since 10 am and had a free guided tour in English for 25 min. After that we just went through it freely. The Vasa ship was the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.

Here, I think I should write something more about the Vasa ship, but on the other hand I think it’s better if you come there and feel it by yourself. It will let you be speechless!

Can you imagine seeing a 98% original wooden ship from the 17th century, which sank on its maiden voyage before even making it out of Stockholm’s port, now standing in the center of the museum and looks like it could sail whenever it wants to!

The Vasa Ship

We left the Vasa Museum when it was around 4 pm, tired and hungry. Then we went back to the hotel and took a nap, had some food before going to Norr Mälarstrand.

INFO: Here you can replace Vasa  Museum by other museums and / or activities of your choice. Click here for the list of all museums in Stockholm, or click here for the ones with free entry.

We wanted to take a the ferry to Södermalm, but we were too late. So the ferry trip turned out to be the sunset watching walk alongside the waterfront at Norr Mälarstrand – the part of the city where you can find locals walking their dogs, jogging, or shopping groceries at the end of the day.


Our plan: Visit Fotografiska Museet in Södermalm.

The reality: We got up late, thus decided to not visit Fotografiska! We went for The Stadshuset instead, which was not as interesting as we thought. So we took a short trip to Södermalm and found one of the best places to have a stunning panorama of Stockholm. FOR FREE!

It was Monteliusvägen. You probably have heard about it. A hilly area with old houses from the 18th century, some chic cafes and shops, and so on. From Monteliusvägen, you’ll get an awe view towards the Stadshuset and Skeppsholmen.

View from Monteliusvägen

Then it was time to head back to the train station, grasp our luggage, and take the Flygbussarna back to Arlanda.

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During our stay in Stockholm, as you see, we only made 2 museums. We didn’t even visit any recommended palace. We didn’t eat at any recommended cafe. Neither did we climb the Stadshuset’s tower for the best view over the city.

We instead watched a beautiful sunset without any tourist around trying to have selfie with the stick. We had the best panorama ever which cost us peanuts! We spent the whole day learning things in one of the most iconic museums in Scandinavia without being bored nor tired (well, I got hangry after that).

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And that’s the best of our trip to Stockholm!
















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